Globe Architects Ltd are committed to producing design solutions which are environmentally conscious i.e. energy efficient with low lifetime carbon footprint and long term sustainability.



  • At the commencement of every project opportunity (refurbishment or new build), we review the options for incorporating sustainability proposals.


  • We review with our clients the energy objectives that they wish to achieve as a mandatory requirement.


  • We ensure our buildings have excellent insulation and are well detailed to avoid heat loss.


  • We believe that environmentally sustainable design is best achieved through an integrated approach to the design process where the distinct design skills of architect, services engineer and cost consultant are brought to bear in a strategically coherent manner.


  • Globe Architects Ltd advocate lifetime costings techniques to demonstrate the cost effectiveness in the long term of adopting high quality built solutions with appropriate passive and active thermal and environmental control systems.


  • We endeavour to ensure that all design produced by the practice allows for individual environmental control so far as is reasonably practical.


  • As product specifiers, within our buildings we make conscious decisions with regard to sustainability and environmental performance when selecting materials. Similarly, consideration is given to the conservation of limited resources and to the control of pollution which may arise either in the production, use, or eventual destruction any materials specified by practice.


  • The philosophy of Globe Architects is to enter into wide ranging discussions with all relevant user and interest groups to ensure that our designs are as focused as possible to their individual aspirations.


  • We will work with client appointed BREEAM assessors to achieve the necessary legislative standards and recommend their appointment at an early stage of the design process.


  • We review and promote with our clients the effectiveness of incorporating modern energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.