Globe Architects relocation to new premises in The Treehouse, Netheredge has had a positive impact on our reduced carbon footprint.


       Significantly increased our natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting for a large portion of the day.

       Significant increase in natural ventilation.

       Good thermal performance reducing the need for heating requirements.

       Location has increased access to public transport and major road networks, cutting down on travel distances.


Studio procedures that we monitor and implement.


      Recycling (ie paper, cartridges etc).

     Environmental pollution (ie spray adhesives).

      New equipment must be low energy consumption.

      Waste reduction (ie electronic distribution where possible).

     Transport (company vehicles are low CO2 emissions, cycle to work scheme is implemented, use of public

       transport for local meetings).


Globe Architects aim to do what we can, to contribute to the future sustainability of both our design output and our business activities.